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Hyperreferences to the some personal homepages are here. The homepages describes the persons who are on the staff now or were on it before.

The founder, the first director and the advisor of the Computing Centre of the Academy of Scinces Academician A. Dorodnitsyn (in Russian)

The page contents:

Subdepartment List

WWW Administrator

Sorokin S. (in Russian)

LAN Administrator

Rogov Yu.

1. Department of Computational Methods (Head: Prof. B. Paltsev)

2. Department of Applied Mathematical Physics (Head: Prof. A. Tolstykh)

3. Department of Continuum Mechanics (Head: Prof. A. Charakhch'yan)

4. Department of Computational Physics (Head: Prof. L. Turchak)

5. Department of Software Engineering (Head: Prof. V. Serebryakov)

6. Department of Complex Systems (Head: Prof. V. Tsurkov)

7. Department of Mechanics (Head: Prof. S. Ya. Stepanov)

8. Department of CAD Methods for Developing Systems (Head: Prof. V. Khachaturov, in Russian)

9. Department of Applied Optimization Problems (Head: Prof. V. Zhadan)

10. Department of Mathematical Pattern Recognition and Methods of Combinatorial Analysis (Head: Prof. Riazanov V. )

11. Department of Intelligent Systems (Head: Corresponding Member of RAS K. Rudakov)

12. Department of Computational Systems and Scientific Information (Head: Dr. G. Mikhailov)

13. Department of Nonlinear Analysis and Safety Problem (Head: Prof. N. Severtsev)

Divisions of Mathematical Modeling of Systems and Decisions (Head: Corresponding Member RAS Yu. Flerov; in Russian)

15. Department of Mathematical Modeling of CAD Systems (Head: Corresponding Member RAS Yu. Flerov; in Russian)

16. Department of Imitation Systems and Operations Research (Head: Corresponding Member of RAS Yu. Pavlovsky)

17. Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems (Head: Corresponding Member of RAS I. Pospelov)

18. Department of Computational and Information Systems (Head: Prof. F. Ereshko)

Alphabetical List

  1. Abramov A., Prof. (in Russian)
  2. Abramov A., Prof.
  3. Abramov S., Prof.
  4. Abrarov D.L., Dr.
  5. Adlaj S. F.
  6. Alexandrovich A., Dr. (in Russian)
  7. Alexeeva E., Dr.
  8. Antipin A., Prof.
  9. Aprausheva N., Dr. (in Russian)
  10. Arkhipov B., Dr.
  11. Azarenok B., Dr.
  12. Belolipetsky A., Prof.
  13. Brychkov Yu., Dr.
  14. Buchin V. O.
  15. Burov A.A., Dr.
  16. Burova N.
  17. Chukanov S., Dr.
  18. Dedkov V., Prof.
  19. Dicoussar V., Prof.
  20. Diveyev A., Prof.
  21. Dulin S., Prof.
  22. Evtushenko Yu., Academician
  23. Fesechko A., Dr.
  24. Flerov Yu., Prof. ( in Russian)
  25. Furugyan M., Dr. (in Russian)
  26. Gorelov M., Dr.
  27. Kamenev G., Prof.
  28. Karamzin D., Dr.
  29. Karatsuba E., Prof.
  30. Kerimov M., Dr. (in Russian)
  31. Khachaturov V., Prof. (in Russian)
  32. Khoroshevsky V., Prof.
  33. Kononenko A., Prof.
  34. Konyukhova N., Dr. The same is allocated in pdf format.
  35. Koterov V., Dr.
  36. Kozhevnikov I. F., Dr.
  37. Krasnoshekov P., Academician
  38. Kukushkin N., Prof.
  39. Lotov A., Prof.
  40. Malashenko Yu., Prof.
  41. Menshikov I., Dr.
  42. Mikhailov G., Dr.
  43. Mokhonko E., Prof.
  44. Molodtsov D., Prof.
  45. Muhin A., Dr.
  46. Nazarova I.
  47. Neronov V., Dr.
  48. Novikova N., Prof.
  49. Obrosova N., Dr.
  50. Olenev N., Dr.
  51. Passekov V., Dr.
  52. Pospelov I., Prof.
  53. Pospelova L., Dr.
  54. Razzhevaikin V., Prof.
  55. Riazanov V., Prof.
  56. Rogov Yu.
  57. Sarancha D., Prof.
  58. Sergeev V.S., Prof.
  59. Severtsev N., Prof.
  60. Shananin A., Prof.
  61. Shurshalov L., Prof.
  62. Sidorova T.
  63. Sigal I., Prof.
  64. Solbakov V., Dr. (in Russian)
  65. Sorokin S. (in Russian)
  66. Stepanov S.Ja., Prof.
  67. Sumbatov A.S., Dr.
  68. Tarasov A., Dr.
  69. Tarko A., Prof.
  70. Titarev V., Dr.
  71. Tsurkov V., Prof.
  72. Tsvetkov G.
  73. Vodolazsky V., Dr.
  74. Vorontsov K., Dr.(in Russian)
  75. Vorotyntsev A., Dr.
  76. Zhuravlev Yu., Academician
  77. Zlotov A., Dr.

A list of persons who worked in the institute before

  1. Avtukhovich E., Dr.
  2. Bakaev A., Dr.
  3. Berezkin V.
  4. Bessonov V., Dr.
  5. Borisov V., Prof. (in Russian; 1939-2008)
  6. Burmistrova L., Dr.
  7. Cherenkov A., Dr. (1932-2004; in Russian)
  8. Chushkin P., Prof. (1924-1990; in Russian)
  9. Davidson M., Dr.
  10. Dolgoruckov A.
  11. Dorin B.
  12. Dorodnitsyn A., Academician (1910-1994; in Russian)
  13. Efimov A., Prof. (in Russian)
  14. Efimov I., Prof.
  15. Efremov R.
  16. Galiulin R., Prof.
  17. Germeer Yu., Prof. (1918-1975; in Russian)
  18. Guriev S., Dr.
  19. Gurov S., Dr.
  20. Ivanenko S., Dr. (in Russian; 1953-2003)
  21. Kabanov P.
  22. Karapetyan A. V., Prof. (in Russian)
  23. Kopytov M. (1937-2008)
  24. Kornoukhov A. (in Russian)
  25. Kruglov P.
  26. Kulagin M., Dr.
  27. Moiseev N., Academician (1917-2000)
  28. Muhin A.
  29. Ogaryshev V., Dr.
  30. Panov S.
  31. Petrov A.,Academician (1934 — 2011)
  32. Plechov P., Dr.
  33. Pospelova I., Dr.
  34. Potapov M., Dr.
  35. Przyjalkowski V.
  36. Rubanovsky V.N., Prof. (in English & in Russian) (1941-2002)
  37. Rumyantsev V.V., Academician (in English & in Russian (1921-2007)
  38. Shakin V., Dr. (1941-2005; in Russian)
  39. Shakhova M.
  40. Shaposhnik D.
  41. Scherbakov S., Dr. (1945-2006)
  42. Shipilin A., Dr. (1938-2003; in Russian)
  43. Shiroff A.
  44. Shmyglevsky Yu., Prof. (1926-2007; in Russian)
  45. Stanevichius A.-I, Dr. (1940-2009) (in Russian)
  46. Svinarchuck D.
  47. Tashlickaya Ya.
  48. Zakharov V., Dr. (1934-2005; in Russian)
  49. Zanegin G.
  50. Zenkin A., Prof. (1937-2006))
  51. Zubov N., Prof.

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