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Dmitrii A. Sarancha

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Senior scientist
Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Department of Modelling Systems
Subdepartment of Mathematical Modelling of Economical Problems
Vavilov str., 40, Moscow, 119991, GSP-1, Russia

E-mail: saran@ccas.ru

Current activity: Construction and investigation of models physiological and ecological models were consider.
Keywords: Construction and investigation of simulation and analitical model of physiological and ecological systems, investignation space distribution models, methods of statistical mechanics in ecological and physiological modelling.


         1. N. N. Olenev,   D. A. Sarancha
          A Model of Demographic and Economic Processes Interaction. Workshop Population, Economy and the Environment: Modelling and Simulating their Complex Interaction". (Rostock, May 18-19, 2001) Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research http://www.demogr.mpg.de/ , p. 1-9   (Full text:   pdf ),   2001, in English
Abstract: This paper gives a description of fertility influence on education level of population and its well-being. We carry out the consideration by a demographic model keeping age structure. We suppose that (i) a part of GDP is used for investment in education, (ii) the production level depends on the education level, and (iii) the pollution is directly proportional to the size of population. We are carrying on research on the dependence of average consumption on demographic structure of the population for an industrialised economy. In the model each age group of population has different skilled level determined by education and different level of potential labour productivity. The education level is completely determined by education expenditures. We have found the relation between the value of average consumption of population and the children-adults ratio, share of education expenditures in GDP. We have found that the quality of life can be improved by decrease of the population size not only ecologically but also economically.
Keywords: education level, skilled labour, fertility, well-being, age group, pollution, ecology, industrialised economy, quality of life, population size

         2. N. N. Olenev,   E. V. Reshettseva,   D. A. Sarancha
          A. Model of Interaction of Demographic and Economic Processes (Fertility, Education and Welfare). Moscow: Computing centre of Russian Academy of Sciences,   pp. 1-26   (Full text:   ps,   pdf ),   1997,  in Russian
Abstract: The description of influence of fertility on educational level of the population and on welfare is offered. The consideration will be carried out on an demographic model example, keeping the age structure.
Keywords: description of influence,  fertility, educational level, population,  welfare, consideration, demographic model,  age structure

         3. D. A. Sarancha
          Transliteration: Kolichestvennye metody v ekologii. Biofizicheskie aspekty i matematicheskoe modelirovanie.    1996,  in Russian
Abstract: Construction and investignation of simulation and analitical modelling ecosystems were consider.
Keywords: modelling, ecology, simulation, analitical modelling

         4. D. A. Sarancha
          Transliteration: Biomodelirovanie.    1995, in Russian
Abstract: Mathematical models of space distribution ecosystems were reseach, methods of statistical mechanics in ecological modelling were consider.
Keywords: modelling, ecology, space factory, statistical mechanic models

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