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Curriculum vitae

1. Name:
Vladimir Nikolayevich Koterov

2. Personal data:
Was Born 1949, May, 17, Moscow, Russia. Candidat phys.-math. science. Married, sons: Anton Koterov (1974) and Dmitriy Koterov (1982)

3. Education:
1975 Doctor's thesis in the field of radiation gas dynamics.
1972-1975  Post graduat study of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.
1966-1972  Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. M.S. in matical Physics

4. Fields of scientific interest:
Mathematical modeling and computer simulation in the field of dynamics of liquid, gas and plasma, radiation gas dynamics, gas discharge physics, physics of powerful gas lasers, laser optics. Last works are in the fields of

5. Employment:
1991 to pres. Senior scientist, Computing Centre of RAS.
1982-1991 Chief of Subdivision, NPO "Astrofizica".
1975-1982 Junior scientist, Computing Centre of RAS.
1979 to pres. Assistent and than associated professor of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.

6. Publications:
74 papers

7. Address, telephone, E-mail:
Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, 40, Vavilova Str, Moscow, 117333, Russia;
phone: (095) 135- 3545.146,
Profsoyusnaya Str, Bld.3, 291, Moscow, 117321, Russia; phone: (095) 338-9484.
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May, 1998.

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