Semjon Adlaj
scientific researcher

Section of Stability Theory and Mechanics of Controlled Systems
Division of Complex Physical and Technical Systems Modeling
Federal Research Center “Informatics and Control”
Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow 119333, Russia

Phone: +7 499 1353590, e-mail:

Several, chronologically ordered, fundamental publications:
1. Classification and investigation of stability of tether equilibria in proximity to a circularly orbiting satellite (in Russian). A monograph in 94 pages, written in 2011.
2. Iterative algorithm for computing an elliptic integral (in Russian) // Issues on Motion Stability and Stabilization. Moscow, CCRAS 2011: 104-110.
3. Multiplication and division on elliptic curves, torsion points and roots of modular equations. An article in 24 pages, written in 2014. Two relevant short papers by Helmut Ruhland are The inverse of the modular invariant and Constructing equalities.
4. An analytic unifying formula of oscillatory and rotary motion of a simple pendulum (dedicated to the 70th birthday of Jan Jerzy Slawianowski, written in 2013 and updated in 2014) // Proceedings of International Conference “Geometry, Integrability, Mechanics and Quantization”, Varna, Bulgaria, 2014, June 6-11. Printed by “Avangard Prima”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015: 160-171.
5. An arithmetic-geometric mean of a third kind! A 15-page paper, written in 2015, containing “perfect” formulae for calculating three kinds of complete Elliptic Integrals, with an addended 16th page, exhibiting typical troubles of common software in calculating said integrals.
6. Torque free motion of a rigid body: from Feynman wobbling plate to Dzhanibekov flipping wingnut. A 14-page paper, written in 2017, where a symmetric (in the moments of inertia) expression for the rate of precession is obtained, as well as, the relevance of constructing Galois critical axis, for describing the motion of both “Burke's twisting tennis racket” and “Dzhanibekov's flipping wingnut”, is shown.

Selected workshops and conferences:
1. (4th) International Young Researchers Workshop on Geometry, Mechanics and Control, Ghent, Belgium:
Tether equilibria in a linear parallel force field presented on 2010.01.12.
2. International Scientific Conference on Mechanics “6th Polyakhov Readings”, St. Petersburg, Russia:
Mechanical interpretation of negative and imaginary tension of a tether in a linear parallel force field presented on 2012.02.02.
3. International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Suzdal', Russia:
Isoperimetric problem singularities presented on 2012.07.03.
Applying singularity theory to investigating stability of isoperimetric problem solutions presented on 2014.07.08.
3. International Conference on Mathematical Control Theory and Mechanics, Suzdal', Russia:
Back to the pendulum for an exact explicit solution! presented on 2015.07.03.
Dzhanibekov's flipping wingnut and Burke's twisting tennis racket presented on 2017.07.07.
4. International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Problems of Mechanics, Moscow, Russia:
Эффект Джанибекова presented on 2017.10.25.
5. International Conference on Polynomial Computer Algebra, St. Petersburg, Russia:
Modular polynomial symmetries presented on 2014.04.16.
New unexpected solutions to well-known differential equations presented on 2015.04.15.
Dzhanibekov’s flipping nut and Feynman’s wobbling plate presented on 2016.04.20.
Two formulas of planetary motion presented on 2017.04.19.
Back to solving the quintic, depression and Galois primes presented on 2018.04.20.
6. International Workshop on Computer Algebra, Dubna, Russia:
Iterative algorithm for computing an elliptic integral presented on 2011.06.03.
Highly efficient arithmetic of elliptic curves presented on 2012.05.23.
Elliptic and coelliptic polynomials presented on 2014.05.21.
Spin to wobble calculation and symbolic integration presented on 2016.05.24.
Galois primes and modular equations presented on 2018.05.21.
7. XV International Conference on Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Geometry: modern problems and applications (dedicated to the centennial birthday of Nikolai Mikhailovich Korobov), Tula, Russia:
О малоизвестном подлинно революционном вкладе Эвариста Галуа presented on 2018.05.31.

Few excerpts and highlights:
1. A point of order 8.
2. A fundamental theorem on rotation (in Russian).
3. Four special values of the Modular Invariant.
4. Duality of equilibria of a Simple Pendulum.
5. A heptagon constructed!
6. Triple-pair invariance theorem (in Russian).

Few works, retrieved from the past millennium:
1. On Rubik's Cube (in Russian).

Few widely-applied interdisciplinary (but non-technical) concepts, explained to curious practitioners:
1. Performance of Binary Tests. A 4-page article, explaining the dual-concepts of sensitivity and specificity.
2. The Monty Hall problem settled. Examples of hidden assumptions behind short answers to ill-posed questions.

International cooperation:
1. The Chinese Academy of Sciences had published in its journal 主题 (Mathematical Advance in Translation) the article 关于椭圆周长的一个完美的计算公式 which is a translation (姚景齐 译 赵春来 校) of my article An eloquent formula for the perimeter of an ellipse, as published in the Notices of the AMS, 59(8): 1094-1099. The naming “Guass-Euler algorithm”, suggested in the article, was (immodestly) criticized by Richard Brent in “a letter to the editor”. An implementation of MAGM for calculating the magnetic field near a loop of current was carried out by Francois Lamarche.
2. 有限会社 大平技研 Ohira Tech is the first company in the world to implement (a pilot version of) the rotating celestial sphere which was presented (via skype) on April 2, 2017 at the First Open Junior Scientist Conference.

Announcement of a scientific seminar in cooperation with the open club “Математика - язык естествознания”.

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