SURNAME: Sumbatov

FIRST NAME: Alexander

SECOND NAME: Sumbatovich

PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Moscow, 20 January 1946

CITIZENSHIP: Russian Federation

EDUCATION: Mechanics 1969, post-graduate 1972, Department of Mechanics of the Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty, the Lomonosov Moscow State University

DEGREE: PhD, October 1972, Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty and Department of Mechanics, the Lomonosov Moscow State University

POSITION: Senior Scientific Researcher, Sector of the Theory of Stability and Mechanics of the Controlled Systems,
Department of Mechanics of the A.A.Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, RUSSIA

TEL: +7(499)135-35-90

FAX: +7(499)135-61-59

E-MAIL: sumbatow(at)


SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: Rigid Bodies Dynamics, Nonholonomic Systems, Geometrical Applications in Analytical Mechanics, Dry (Coulomb) Friction, Symbolic and Numerical Modeling in Mechanics, History of Mechanics


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