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Nikolai Seraphimovich Kukushkin

Nikolai S. Kukushkin Photo by Elena Yu. Kukushkina
Department of Mathematical Modelling of Economic Systems
at the former Dorodnicyn Computing Centre

Leading Researcher

Phone: +7-495-420-5707, +7-499-135-1209; Fax: +7-499-135-6159

Snail mail:
Dorodnicyn Computing Center,
40, Vavilova, Moscow 119333 Russia

E-mail: ququns at inbox dot ru

Principal Publications

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Current Research Interests

Natural classes of strategic games where simple improvement processes lead to equilibria.

Infinitary extensions of the notion of an acyclic binary relation.
Conditions for and implications of such generalized versions of acyclicity.

Similarities and dissimilarities between topological and order structures in decision problems and strategic games.

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Recent Journal Articles

Kukushkin N.S. Cournot tatonnement and potentials.
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2015, 59: 117-127.
abstract (PDF, somewhat extended)

Kukushkin N.S. The single crossing conditions for incomplete preferences.
International Journal of Game Theory, 2015, 44: 225-251.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. Rosenthal's potential and a discrete version of the Debreu-Gorman Theorem (in Russian).
Matematicheskaya Teoriya Igr i ee Prilozheniya (Math. Game Theory Appl.), 2014, 6(2): 60-77.
abstract; Russian PDF (English PDF, amended 3.05.2015)

Kukushkin N.S. Novshek's trick as a polynomial algorithm.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2014, 162: 28-31.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. Increasing selections from increasing multifunctions.
Order, 2013, 30: 541-555.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. Monotone comparative statics: changes in preferences versus changes in the feasible set.
Economic Theory, 2013, 52: 1039-1060.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. On the existence of optima in complete chains and lattices.
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 2012, 154: 759767.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. Cournot tatonnement and dominance solvability in finite games.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2012, 160: 948958.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. Nash equilibrium in compact-continuous games with a potential.
International Journal of Game Theory, 2011, 40: 387392.
abstract (PDF)

Kukushkin N.S. Acyclicity of improvements in finite game forms.
International Journal of Game Theory, 2011, 40: 147177.
abstract (PDF)

Publications by the Dorodnicyn Computing Center, Moscow

Kukushkin N.S. Maximizing a Preference Relation on Complete Chains and Lattices. 2013.
PDF, Demo)

Kukushkin N.S. Improvement Paths in Strategic Games: A Topological Approach. 2010.

Kukushkin N.S. Maximizing a Binary Relation on Convex Subsets of Its Domain. 2009.

Papers in Progress

Kukushkin N.S. Cournot tatonnement in aggregative games with monotone best responses.
as of 24.09.2015

Kukushkin N.S. Robert Louis Stevenson's Bottle Imp: A strategic analysis.
as of 14.09.2015

Kukushkin N.S. Strong equilibrium in games with common and complementary local utilities.
as of 28.05.2014

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