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Tsvetkov Grigory, 1244, Riverdale 59B, app.72, Bronx, NY
Computer science professional. Full life cycle system design and developing.
Computer background:
Hardware: PC's, PowerPC, Computing Stations.
Software: MS Windows 95/nt, AutoCAD
Languages: Basic, Vbasic, C++, Pascal, Algol, Fortran.


1995-psnt Scientific staff member of Russian Academy of Sciences Computing center. Creation and adaptizing applied aerodynamically programs for simulation and monitoring of pollution in high atmosphere for PC. 1993-1994 - Scientific staff member of Russian academy of sciences Computing center. Computer simulation of chemical processes in high atmosphere rarefied gas by Monte-Carlo method. 1990-1993 - Leader programmer of special goal group, Russian academy of sciences computing center. Developing, programming and fitting of "State's special standard program "Vysota-2" for high atmosphere parameters calculations, based on satellites flight data. 1986-1989 - Scientific staff member of Soviet academy of sciences Computing Center. Developing of Monte-Carlo method for high atmosphere conditions and its numerical computer realization. 1983-1985 - Leader Programmer of special goal group, Soviet Academy of sciences Computing center. Developing, testing and fitting of "State's standard program kit "KRUCHA" ("large particles") for aerodynamically problems solving". 1978-1982 Junior scientific staff member, soviet Academy of Sciences Computing center. Numerical applications of "large particles" method for applied tasks in aero, hydra - dynamics and space research. 8/1976-6/1978 - Applications engineer, Moscow Physical Technical University. Constructing of special aerodynamics - oriented hardware for Large computing systems on the base of "large particles" and "particles in cells" method for calculations of flow parameters around flying objects.

Education and training:
1976 - Moscow physical-technical university, BS
1978 - Moscow physical-technical university, postgraduate courses
1992 - Moscow physical-technical university, Ph.D.
14 articles in Russian, 5 artless in English, 3 special
state certificate program kits.

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