Aloyzas Stanevichius

Contact information: 
Phone: +7(095) 135-2539
Fax: +7(095) 135-6159 
   Aloyzas Stanevichius was born on January 2, 1940 in Lithuania.
   In 1963 he graduated from The Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics.
   In 1971 he received his Cand. Degree of Economic Sciences from the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
   Since 1984 he is a head of the Software Engineering Sector in the Applied Optimization Problems Department.
   Dr. A.Stanevichius was engaged in linear programming computer techniques. He has involved with the software engineering to handle LP and related problems.
   His current research interests include a new space transformation algorithms for linear programming problems solution.
   He has over sixty professional papers and reports (presentations) in software engineering to handle LP and related problems, on application of the mathematical methods to economic research.

   Main publications: 

  • U.Ch. Malkov, A.-J.A. Stanevichius Software for large scale LP problems. In: US-USSR seminar on distribution and production problems of industry and enterprises, College Park, Maryland, pp. 182-193, 1982 
  • A.-J.A. Stanevichius and L.V. Shcherbak New versions of barrier-newtonian methods for linear programming. Comp. Maths. Math. Phys., Vol.35, No.12, pp. 1443-1451, 1995.

   Dr. A.Stanevichius speaks in Lithuanian, Russian and English. 

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