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Denis A. Svinarchuck

A post-graduate student of CCRAS

About me

				       	We work in the dark
				       	We do what we can    
				       	We give what we have
					Our doubt is our passion
				       	and our passion is our task	
				       	The rest is the madness of art.	 
							-- Henry James	

I was born in 1972. It was in a very old Russian city called  Kostroma. 
If you was not in my motherland - wellcome   (  perhaps, you  will even 
be faced with bears in a deep-deep forest around away). Then  you would
understend: why it my  lovely city is. Still  I was studing in  Moscow. 
To tell the  truth, I  was  studing  in  Zelenograd, or  GreenTown  for 
Engilsh, that is a district  of Moscow. There I completed my studing at
Moscow an  Electronic of Technicial Institute in 1995.  Now  I work  in 
CCRAS and continue my studing in its postgraduate department. 
My work is a creating of programs wich  is  made with C++ and OSF/Motif 
widget sets.  
One of them  LandScout(v1.0). This programm is also developed by  Alex 
Dolgoruckov. He writes the mathematic methodes for it. 
Now I'v got some libraries of classes of a  general template  for quick
programming  GUIs and  multimedia.  This  is the Xomlib and  Xomhlplib, 
CD-ROMdrivelib, XomMovieDisplaylib for "Solaris 2.x" . 
When I write manual for them I place the source code to a free ftp site.
If you wish to get they today - mail me. But current Xomlib will be re-
maked at the base abstract  class. If you want to do a new classes  for 
the Xomclass' set - send me. This will be a good game. 

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This page was maked by Denis Svinarchuck - a postgraduate student of CCRAS ( with "Subject: For Denn")
If you found mistakes in my English text - send me please.
If you are a Russian programmer and would like connect to my game (creating Xomlib) - send me the letters on it problem.