Vsevolod V. Shakin, Ph.D., D.E.E.E.

Head of the DMMEM of the CCAS

Dr.Shakin enjoying luxuries of the Local Area Network at the CCAS

Vsevolod Vladimirovich Shakin, Ph.D.(Physics&Math), D.E.E.E.(Computer Science), Head of the Dept. on Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Medicine (DMMEM) of the Computer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CCAS), has got some educational backgounds, has been learning some languages more than the others, has learned to know good from evil due to his professional career, and to learn more subjects he has taught them acquiring that way his teaching experience, so that in due time has succeeded to get engaged in many R&D management activities , and even in some other being not so scientific, but yet relevant activities, so that all these moves have enriched and broadened enormously his own research experience&interests, which has been just partly covered with some publications and presentations, concurrent with the other hobbies and interests, and some honorable memberships.

Favorite Links

Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Association 'Women in Science & Education'
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You can reach Dr.Shakin by e-mail at: shakin@ccas.ru, and by all other means.
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