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(in Russian)

Scientific Divisions of
Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences
Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS

2017 year

  1. Department of Computational Methods (in Russian)(Head: Dr. M. Bogovskij)
    • Subdepartment of Computational Methods of Differential Equalizations Solving (Head: Prof. M. Bogovskij)
    • Subdepartment of Mathematical Modeling of Aqua Systems (Dr. B. Arkhipov)
  2. Department of Applied Mathematical Physics (in Russian) (Head: Prof. A. Tolstykh; in Russian)
    • Subdepartment of Applied Hydrophysics (Head: Prof. A. Tolstykh; in Russian)
    • Subdepartment of Analytical-Numerical Methods of Mathematical Physics (Head: Prof. V. Vlasov; in Russian)
  3. Department of Continuum Mechanics (in Russian) (Head: Prof. A. Charakhch'yan)
    • Subdepartment of Aerodynamics (Head: Prof. A. Charakhch'yan)
    • Subdepartment of Modeling of Climste and Bioshpere Proceeses Processes (Dr. V. Parkhomenko)
  4. Department of Computational Physics (Head: Prof. L. Turchak)
  5. Department of Software Engineering (in Russian) (Head: Prof. V. Serebryakov)
  6. Department of Complex Systems (Head: Prof. V. Tsurkov)
    • Subdepartment of Mathematical Methods Analysis of Complicated Systems (Head:Prof. I. Litvinchev)
    • Subdepartment of Intelligent Control Systems (Head: Dr. I. Matveev)
  7. Department of Mechanics (in English & in Russian) (Head: Prof. S. Stepanov)
  8. Department of CAD Methods for Developing Systems (Head: Prof. V. Khachaturov, in Russian)
    • Subdepartment of Mathematical Modeling and Software of Network Problems and Regional Design Problems (Head: Dr. A. Zlotov)
    • Subdepartment of CAD Methods of Regional Systems
  9. Department of Applied Optimization Problems (Head: Prof. M. Posypkin)
    • Subdepartment of Optimization Methods (Head: Prof. M. Posypkin)
    • Subdepartment of Parallel Computations (Head: Dr. V. Garanzha)
  10. Department of Recognition, Protection and Analysis of Information(Academician Yu. I.  Zhuravlev;)
    • Subdepartment of Mathematical Methods of Recognition and Forecasting (Head: Prof. V. Leont'ev)
    • Subdepartmentt of Mathematical Problems of Recognition and Technique of Combinatorial Analysis (in Russian) (Head: I. Gurevich)
  11. Department of Methods of Classification and Analysis of Data (Head: Prof. V. Ryazanov)
    • Subdepartment of Classification and Analysis of Data
    • Subdepartment of Speech Technology and Digital Signal Processing
  12. Department of Intelligent Systems (Head: Prof. K. Vorontsovv)
    • Subdepartment of Data Intelligent Analysis (Head: Prof. K. Vorontsov)
    • Subdepartment of Applied Intelligent Systems (Head: Prof. V. Khoroshevsky)
  13. Department of Computational Systems and Scientific Information (Head: Dr. G. Mikhailov)
    • Subdepartment of Computational Systems and Scientific Information (Head: Dr. G. Mikhailov)
    • Subdepartment of informatzation problems of mathematical physics (in Russian) (academician E. I. Moiseev)
  14. Department of Nonlinear Analysis and Safety Problem (in Russian) (Head: Prof. N. Severtsev)
    • Subdepartment of Nonlinear Analysis (Head: Dr. N. Zemtsova)
    • Subdepartment of Safety and Stability Problems(Head: Dr. O. Yakovlev)
    • Subdepartment of Cybernetics Problems (Head: Prof. A. Diveev)
  15. Department of informational technologies (Academician A. Zhizhchenko)
  16. Department of Mathematical Modeling of Heterogeneous System (in Russian) (Dr. K. Abgaryan)
  17. Department of Mathematical Modeling of CAD Systems (Head: Corresponding Member RAS Yu. Flerov; in Russian )
  18. Department of Imitation Systems and Operations Research (Head: Prof. V. Elkin)
  19. Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems (Head: Corresponding Member of RAS I. Pospelov )
  20. Department of Computational and Information Systems (Head: Prof. F. Ereshko)
    • Subdepartment of Mathematical Models of Rational Use of Resources (in Russian) (Head: Prof. F. Ereshko)
    • Subdepartment of Mathematical Modelling of Conflict Situations (Head: Prof. G. Agasandyan)

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