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Department of Mechanics, Subdepartment of kinetic theory of gases
(Professor V. V. Aristov)

The sector specializes in the following research topics:

       The sector has ongoing collaboration with a number of universities and industrial companies from Russia, Italy, the UK, Germany and the USA.

Head of the subdepartmentProf.V. V. Aristov
senior researcherDr.S. A. Zabelok
researcherDr.O. V. Ilyin
leading researcherDsc, Dr.S. P. Popov
junior researcherO. A. Rogozinpublication list
senior researcherDr.O. I. Rovenskaya
leading researcherDr.V. A. Rykov
leading researcherDr.V. A. Titarevpublication list
principle researcherDsc, Dr.F. G. Tcheremissine
Prof.E. M. Shakhov
Former members of staff:
Prof.A. M. Bishaev
senior researcherDr.I. N. Larina
Dr.E. F. Limar
Dsc, Dr.A. A. Nikolskiy
Books published by staff members:
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