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Department of Computational Methods

Head of the department — Dr.Sc. Alexander A. Charakhch’yan

Laboratory of aerodynamics, head of laboratory A. Charakhch’yan
      (E-mail: chara@ccas.ru)
Laboratory of climate modeling, head of laboratory Dr. Valerii P. Parkhomenko
      (E-mail: parhom@ccas.ru)
Laboratory of asymptotic methods, head of laboratory Dr.Sc. Vladimir I. Zhuk
      (E-mail: zhuk@ccas.ru)

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About the department

      Department of Continuum Mechanics was among the first in the Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From the very beginning and till 1991 it was headed by the well-known scientist in aero- and hydrodynamics Prof. Yu. Shmyglevsky. In 1992-2002 the department was headed by the well-known scientist in continuous mechanics, Scientific Secretary of the institute Dr. Sc. L. Shurshalov.

      The department develops mathematical models and computational methods and algorithms for investigation of physical processes in continuum media.

The leading researchers

Dr. Sc. Yu. Shmyglevsky
Dr. Sc. L. Shurshalov
Dr. Sc. V. Borisov
Dr. Sc. V. Zhuk
Dr. Sc. V. Zubov
Dr. Sc. I. Mikhailov
Dr. Sc. A. Tarko
      Dr. A. Shipilin (1938-2003)
Dr. B. Azarenok
Dr. V. Koterov
Dr. V. Krivtsov
Dr. V. Lul'ka (1937-2006)
Dr. V. Parkhomenko
Dr. I. Savenkov
Dr. A. Frolova

      The invited researchers: Dr. Sc. V. Diesperov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Dr. A. Ivankov (S. A. Lavochkin Science-Production Association).

Main directions of activity

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