HORAN - "load .dat" option

This option allows user to load any other section of the choosed 2-D project and perform any similar operations with it

HORAN - "start" option

In this option user performs the horizon applied analysis. First program suggests user to chose the work mode:

<= modes!

Horizon applied analyses can be performed in two modes : single horizon mode and double horizon mode.

After mode selection main start menu appears :

<= start menu!

Options :

HORAN - "auto .par calculation" option

Of course the main result of horizon applied analysis procedure is the map of calculated parameter for the hole project area. Auto Parameter Calculation option performs calculations of current parameter automatically for all sections of your 2-D project, you want. There can be very many versions of calculated parameter which can vary by window dimensions, calculating function, by versions of input data (seismic sections), etc... All this versions are stored (in a small handmade database in "*.par" file itch horizon for which parameters were calculated have it's "*.par" file) and can be moved to griding procedure in order to make map for any version.

Pressing "Auto" button user activates a menu shown below :

<= parameter database menu!

Options :

HORAN - "export" option

For more detailed processing of horizon applied or between horizon data can be exported into Complex of Spectral-Correlation Analysis of Data (COSCAD).

After pressing "Export" button shown below export menu appears :

<= export menu

Options :