40 Vavilova, Moscow, 119333 Russia
W +7(495)137-3974

Senior Research Fellow
Dept "Mathematical Modelling of Economic Systems" at Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Jan 1991-Present) Moscow

Senior Research Fellow
Joint Supercomputer Centre (Jan 2001-Present) Moscow

Research Fellow
Dept "Economic and Mathematical Methods for Poultry Industry" at Research and Production Organization "Complex", (Aug 1982-Jan 1991) Moscow Region

Docent (Sep 2005-Present) Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia
Docent (Sep 2003-Present) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Technical University)
Docent (Sep 2003-Present) Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Docent (Sep 1993-May 1997) Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering and Information Science
Lecturer (Feb-May 1994) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Central and East European Economic Research Centre (Aug 1998-Jul 1999) Warsaw, Poland
Kandidat of Physics and Mathematics [=PhD] (Mar 1993)
Post-Graduate Courses at the Computing Centre of AS USSR (Dec 1983 - Oct 1987) Moscow

Diploma [=Msc] (May 1982)
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Sep 1976-Jun 1982) USSR

MATLAB, MPI, C/C++, Linux, Excel, MS-Word, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Pascal, APL, Fortran


Olenev N.N., Pechenkin R.V., Chernecov A.M. - Parallel Computing using MATLAB, economic application. Moscow: CCAS, 2007, 116 pp. (In Russian) (forthcoming)

Olenev N.N. Basics of MPI parallel programming. Moscow: Dorodnicyn Computing Centre, 2005. 80 pp. (in Russian)

Pavlovsky Yu.N., Belotelov N.V., Brodsky Ju.I., Olenev N.N. Experience of simulation modelling in analysis of social economical processes Moscow: M3 Press, 2005. 136 pp. (in Russian)

Belotelov N.V., Brodsky Ju.I., Olenev N.N., Pavlovsky Yu.N., Tarasova N.P. Problem of Sustainable Development: Science and Humanatarian Analysys // - Moscow: Phasis, - 2004. 108 pp. (in Russian)

Belotelov N.V., Brodsky Ju.I., Kruchina E.B., Olenev N.N., Pavlovsky Yu.N. Simulation Game on the base of Ecological Demographical Economical Model (EDEM): description and manual. Methodical manual // - Moscow: D.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, - 2003. 84 pp.

Avtukhovich E.V., Guriev S.M., Olenev N.N., Petrov A.A., Pospelov I.G., Shananin A.A., Chukanov S.V. Mathematical Model of a Transition Economy. - Moscow: The Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, 1999, 143 pp.(in Russian)

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