Archive of Available Papers

1. Khoroshevsky V.F.,
"Knowledge Based Design of Knowledge Based Systems in PiES WorkBench",
In: Proc. of JCKBSE'94, Japan-CIS Symposium on Knowledge Based Software Engineering'94, 1994

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2. Khoroshevsky V.F.,
"Knowledge Based Design of Intelligent Interfaces in PiES WorkBench",
In: Proc. of the Sixth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Information-Control Systems of Robots, Smolenice, Slovakia, September 21-25, 1994, World Scientific, 1994

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3. Khoroshevsky V.F.,
"Situation Control Software: From Symbol Manipulation Languages Through Knowledge Representation Systems to Semiotic Technologies",
In: Proc. of the 1995 ISIC Workshop, 10 IEEE Int.Symp. on Intelligent Control, 27-29 August 1995 Monterey, California, USA, 1995

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4. Khoroshevsky V.F.,
"AI-Approach to Incremental Design and Implementaion of Object-Oriented Knowledge Bases",
In: Proc. of Second Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering, JCKBSE'96, (D. Dochev, V. Stefanuk, H. Ueno -eds.), Sozopol, Bulgaria, September 21-22, 1996

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5. Khoroshevsky V.F.,
"Applied Semiotics: An Approach to Overcome the WWW-problems",
In: Proc. of Second Workshop on Applied Semiotics, September 15, 1997, Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, 1997

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6. Khoroshevsky V.F.,Maikevich N.V.,
"Knowledge Driven Processing of HTML-Based Information for Intellectual Spaces on Web",
In: Proc.of Joint Conference on Knowledge Based Software Engineering, JCKBSE'98, Smolenice, Slovakia, 1998

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7. Khoroshevsky V.F.,
"Knowledge v.s. Data Spaces: How an Applied Semiotics to Work on Web",
In: Proc.of Sixth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, CAI'98, Pushchino, Russia, 1998

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