The Subdepartment of Theory of Stabilityand Mechanics of Control Systems (TSMCS)

Established: in 1971 by Prof. V.V. Rumyantsev,Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, now Adviser of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

There are 6 scientists working in TSMCS:

- Dr. D.L. Abrarov, Researcher

- Dr. A.A. Burov, Senior Researcher

- Dr. I.F. Kozhevnikov, Junior Researcher

- Dr. V.S. Sergeev, Leading Researcher

- Dr. S.Ya. Stepanov, Head of Department of Mechanics

- Dr. A.S. Sumbatov, Senior Researcher

Principal Directionsof Work

Within a frame of Researches:

Within a frame of Teaching and Methodology:

Organizing work:

- organisation of International and National Symposiums, Colloquiums andSchools,

- participation in publication of

and publication of collections of papers "Problems of Investigationson Stability and Stabilization of Motion",

- participation in work of Specialized and Expert Councils.

The sector of stability theory and control system mechanics works on wise research in the framework of grant heading Scientific Schools N 2000.2003.1 (coordinator V.V.Rumyantsev). Many scientists from other institutes take part in the investigations of this grant. One of the main branches of these researches is connected with reversible systems. The leading specialist in this area is professor V.N.Tkhai. He works in collaboration with many young scientists. In particular one can point on the paper ” Periodic motions of the mechanical system with one degree of freedom ” published in 1999 in Collection “The problems of stability and stabilization of motion” which is issued in Sector yearly. The English translation of this paper one can find HERE.

Our Scientific Linksin Russia

Moscow State University including

Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow State Academy of Automatical Devices

State Academy of Petroleum and Gas

Institute of Applied Mathematics, RussianAcademy of Sciences

Institute for Problems of Mechanics

Ul'yanovsk State University

Computing Centre of the Siberian Branchof RAS, Irkutsk

Our ScientificLinks in the former Soviet Union

Tbilissi Razmadze Mathematical Institute (Georgia)

Tashkent State University (Uzbekistan)

Institute of Mechanics, National Academy of Sciences (Kiev, Ukraine)

Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, National Academy of Sciences (Donetsk, Ukraine)

International ScientificRelations

TSMCS has wide scientific contacts with leading Scientific Centers abroad.Among them

in Austria:

Institut fuer Mechanik, Technische UniversitaetWien,

in Belgium:

Departement de Mathematique, Facultes UniversitairesNotre-Dame de la Paix

Faculte des Sciences Appliquees, UniversiteCatholique de Louvain

in Canada:

Department of Mathematics, UniversityQuebec at Montreal

in France:

C.E.R.M.I.C.S., Ecole Nationale des Pontset Chaussees

Laboratoire de Modelisation en Mecanique,Universite Paris VI

in Germany:

Institut fuer Technische Mechanik,Technische Universitaet Karlsruhe

in Italy:

Institute of J.L.Lagrange, Universita deTorino

Departimento de Meccanica, Universita di Trento

in Jugoslavia:

Mathematical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences

in the USA:

Department of Mathematics, University of Texas

Our guests.

Leading world scientists were the guests of TSMCS. Amoung them - H.Troger(Austria), G.Plotnikova (Belgium), P.Capodanno, D.P.Chevallier, M.Pascal(France), P.Hagedorn, W.Teschner, J.Wittenburg (Germany), S.Bennenti, F.Galletto,L.Salvadori (Italy), S.Kotowski (Poland), V.Vujicic (Yugoslavia), and others.

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