Abrarov's photo

Born: 19 Sepember 1960 Phone: +7 (095) 135-6270

E-mail: abrarov@ccas.ru

Position: Researcher of the Sector of Stability and Mechanics of Controlled Systems, Department of Mechanics of the Computing Center, Russian Academy of Sciences

Degree: Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Department of Mechanics of the Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty, Moscow State University, 1995)

Research Interests: Theory of Groupes,Rigid Body Dynamics

Selected Publications: (the total number of publications is over 15)

1. "On the Equations of Motion of the tractor-semitrailer System with the Coupling of the "fifth-wheel" type" (with A.A.Burov, D.P.Chevallier, S.Ya.Stepanov - in Russian), In Coll. Papers: Zadachi issledovaniya ustoichivosti i stabilizatsii dvigeniya. Moscow: Computing Center of RAS Ed., (1998), 45-72.

2. "Orbital Steady Motions of a System of two Bodies with an Elastic Connection, to appear in Aerospace Science and Technology". Preprint CERMICS, ENPC, Paris, 1997, N 84, 20 p.

3. "Ramification and stability of steady motions and relative equilibriums of rigid body in the central gravitational field" (with A.V.Karapetyan), J. Appl. Math. Mech. (PMM), Vol.60, No.3, (1996), p.375-387.

4. "Stability of steady motions of rigid body in the central field", J. Appl. Math. Mech. (PMM), Vol.59, No.6 (1995), p.903-910.

5. "Steady motions of rigid body in the central gravitational field", J. Appl. Math. Mech. (PMM), Vol.58, No.5 (1994), p.68-73.