Surname Sumbatov
First Name Alexander
Second Name Sumbatovich

                                         Born: 20 January 1946  

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Position:   Senior Researcher
Sector of Stability and Mechanics of Controlled Systems,
Department of Mechanics of the Computing Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences

Degree:     Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences
(Department of Mechanics of the Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty, Moscow State University, 1972)

Research Interests:  Rigid Bodies  Dynamics,  Nonholonomic  Systems,  Geometrical Applications
                               in Analytical  Mechanics,  Dry  (Coulomb)  Friction, Symbolic and Numerical
                               Modelling in Mechanics,  History of Mechanics

Selected Publications:
(the total number of publications is over 50)

     1. "On Motion of a N-links Chain along an Inclined Plane with Friction" (in Russian),
        In Coll. Papers: Zadachi issledovaniya ustoichivosti i stabilizatsii dvizheniya.
         Moscow: the Computing Centre of  RAS Ed., (1998), 73-84.
    2. "On Poshekhonov's Pendulum", J. Appl. Math. Mech. (PMM), Vol.60, No.3, (1996), 407-411.
    3. "Conditions for the Onset of Sliding in a Plain System with Friction",
         J. Appl. Math. Mech. (PMM), Vol.59, No.6, (1995), 845-852..
    4. "The Limiting Motions of Systems with Dry Friction",
         J. Appl. Math. Mech. (PMM), Vol.57, No.1 (1993), 11-19.
    5. "Developments of some Lagrange's Ideas in the Works of Russian and Soviet Mechanicians",
        Atti Acc. Sc. Torino, Cl. Sc. Fis., Mat. e Nat., Suppl. n.2 al vol. 126 (1992), 169-200.

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