Research & Development Management Activities:
Managing the research teams engaged in various projects of IPPI, TKI (with OTKI and KFKI), VNIIMP, CCAS, among these being:

1974-1976: Computer-Aided Cardiology, Joint Academic Research Soviet-Hungarian Project on ECG-data computer-assisted teleprocessing, Research Manager (from the USSR side);

1980-1984: Application Program Package DAEDALUS for the computer-assisted processing of ECG-data, Research Manager (VNIIMP);

1987-1989: Software support for the MEDILAB orbital space biomedical laboratory (Project Executive); 1989-1991: "Physiological Systems of the Humans under Extreme Conditions", the USSR Academy of Sciences Award (Project Executive/Supervisor);

1992: Expert System for the Federal Ecological Expertise, The project in the frame of the Federal Program "Ecology of Russia, 1992" launched by the Russian Federal Ministry of Ecology (Project Executive);

1993-1995: Software support for the Russian Federal Program "Environmental Safety of Russia" launched by the Russian Federal Ministry of Environment Preservation and Natural Resources (MEPNR), incl. Assessment of the Ecological Status of Areas to Identify the Ecologically Disastrous Zones in Russia;

1994-ongoing: Scientist in the INTAS Project on Methods for Handling Ill-Conditioned Data from the Former Soviet Union;

1995- ongoing: A Project Leader of the Project on Mathematical Modeling of Biosystems under Extreme Conditions sponsored by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR);

1994-1995: Processing of the Russian Federal and regional databases on environmental epidemiology obtained from Federal and Regional bodies with the RF Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Committee, the RF Ministry of Public Health, the RF MEPNR.