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Vasily Dikusar

professor, Dr. Sc.,
head researcher of the Department "Applied problem of optimization" of Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),

tel.: +7(499)135-0080
e-mail: dikussar@ccas.ru , dikussar@yandex.ru

Birthday December 30, 1937.

Professional experience

1990 . professor of numerical mathematics (certificate);
1983 . senior researcher of theory of systems, control and system analysis (certificate);
1983 . associated professor;
1982 . doctor of physics and mathematics (diploma);
1970 . candidate of physics and mathematics (diploma).

Research activity

Computing Centre of RAS
1988 - present leading research (lr)

Control Problems Institute of RAS
1973-1988 senior research

Central Aero-Hydrodynamics Institute
1971-1973 junior researcher;
1969-1971 senior engineer

Teaching activity

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1990 present chair of higher mathematics (professor)
1983-1989 associated professor
1970-1983 assistant professor

Vasily Dikusar directed 16 candidates of sciences and 10 doctors of sciences (Phd)

Visiting Professor of Universities:

1998-2007       >Warsaw, Radom, Kelce (Poland)
1996        >Berlin (Germany)
1994       >Wien (Austria)
1993       >Geneve (Swiss)
1993       >Berlin (Germany)

1991       >Zürich (Swiss)
1991       >Oberwolfach (Germany)

Participation in international conferences

1999-2007       Zakopane (Poland), Bucharest (Romania)
1998       >Berlin (Germany)
1998       Zürich (Swiss)
1997       Iena (Germany)
1996       Braunshweig (Germany)
1995       Gamburg (Germany)
1994       München (Germany)
1993       München (Germany)
1992       Shopron (Hungary)
1991       Zürich (Swiss)
1988       Ilmenay (Germany)
1987       Berlin (Germany)

Primary Scientific results

Methods of numerical solution of the following problems have been worked out:
  1. Reentry body problem with control-state variables constraints (nonregular case)
  2. Optimal control synthesis problem (without Riccati equation)
  3. Ill posed linear and quadratic programming problems (the methods of estimation of solu-tion)
  4. Continuation methods for solving boundary value problems
  5. Continuous analogs of Newton and gradient methods for ill posed problems
  6. Ordinary differential equation with small (large) parameters (stiff equations, long terminal time, singular perturbated equations)
  7. Regularization of degenerated maximum principle
  8. Method of matrix regularization for solving linear algebraic system
  9. An initial assesment of optimal trajectory for inequality constraints
  10. Dubowitsky-Milutin problems with control-state and state variable constraints
  11. As a sample it is proposed consider the flight dynamics problems, environmental prob-lems, inverse electrocardiology problems, financial mathematics, economics, forecacting the prices problems, electroheating problems.


126 scientific papers were published: there are the following books among them:
  1. Qualitative and numerical methods in maximum principle. Nauka, Russia (co-author Milutin A. A.), 1989.
  2. Necessary condition in maximum principle. Nauka, Russia (co-author Milutin A. A.), 1990.
  3. Optimal Control problems with general constraints (co-authors Koška M, Figura A). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), 2001.
  4. Numerical methods for stiff differential equations (co-authors Koška M, Figura A). MIPT, 2001.
  5. Continuation methods (co-authors Koška M, Figura A). MIPT, 2001.

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