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28.12.2001 Congratulation with New Year 2000 has been put in.
21.12.2001 Academician A. Petrov's personal page has been reconstructed by ISIR. (See ISIR's page in a new windows.)
06.12.2001 System administrator's e-mails and business telephones have been added to the end of the first page.
04.12.2001 The first page has been revised slightly.
12.11.2001 P.Krasnoshekov's homepage was revised.
12.11.2001 G. Mikhailov's homepage was revised.
24.10.2001 Evtushenko's home page was revised.
30.10.2001 Alexandr Zlotov's homepage has been corrected.
11.10.2001 Computing Centre's name has been changed. "Dorodnicyn" has been added to it.
The post index has been changed too. The new one--119991, the old one--117967.
10.09.2001 G. Mikhailov's homepage was revised.
08.08.2001 L. Shurshalov's homepage was revised.
27.06.2001 Evtushenko's home page has been updated.
01.06.2001 The site of subdepartment of Digital Signal Processing and Speech Recognition has been replaced for new one.
29.05.2001 Leadership information has been moved from the page "About Us" to the first page.
28.04.2001 Hiperrefrences of Petrov's department staff has been inserted.
26.03.2001 Academician P.Krasnoshekov's photo has been inserted.
15.03.2001 Konshin's subdepartment site has been inserted.
19.02.2001 The first announcement of the I International Conference "DECOMPOSITION METHODS IN THE MATHEMATICAL MODELING"
Moscow (Russia) June 25 - 29, 2001
05.02.2001 Y. Zhuravlev's homepage was renewed.
02.02.2001 S.Gurov's homepage had been constructed and references to D. Svinarchuk and A. Dolgorukov had been deleted.
25.01.2001 The publication list of Burov's site has enlarged.
19.01.2001 A. Bakaev's and Y. Brychkov's homepages are removed. They have left the service.
A. Tarko's site have been updated.
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