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Java-based Web-application of the Feasible Goals Method: Experimental INTERNET Resource for Development of Independent Strategies in a Public Decision Problem

(C) 2000, A.Lotov, V.Bushenkov, A.Chernov, and A.Kistanov


Here, you can find an experimental version of future INTERNET resources that are supposed to provide information on possible solutions of public decision problems. Resources of this kind will help ordinary people to know about outcomes of all feasible strategies and help them to control decision makers by this. Moreover such resources will help to develop preferred strategies independently.

The old version of the resource developed in 1996-1997, was based on old CGI-script technology. The new version is based on Java applets.

The resource is based on the Feasible Goals Method and Interactive Decision Maps technique developed by the Department of Mathematical Methods for Economic Decision Analysis (MMEDA).

The resources may be used in INTERNET-based education.

You can START the resource immediately, but we recommend to look through the INTRODUCTION before you start.

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