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Let us know about future conferences. When and where they will take place. Address of Organizing Committee (the best in Internet). Your information will be useful for everybody. 

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February 28 - March 2, 2001
III session of the conference "Evolution of the Infosphere". To the one year anniversary of  the death of N.N. Moiseev.

March 6, 2001
A conference to the memory of N.N. Moiseev will be held in Moscow . Organizers: International Independent University of Ecology & Politology(IIUEP) and Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CCRAS). Invited speakers only. Write us to get invitation to the conference. 

March 12-17, 2001
Belorussia. 5-th Gomel Computer Science Week (GCSW  2001)
Mail robot:

June10-16, 2001
Petrozavodsk, Russia (Karelia). Scientific School "Mathematical Problems in Ecology".
Institute of Applied Mathematical Investigations, Institute of Biology of the Karelian Branch of the Russian Ac. Sc.
Foreign participants are welcomed. 

October 1-5, 2001
Sixth International Carbon Dioxide Conference. Sendai, Japan 

October 29 - November  2, 2001 
International conference  "Bioloigical resources and sustanable development", Russia, Puschino, Moscow region

GCTE conferences (modelling of terrestrial ecosystems):

Meetings of IGBP (general)

Meetings of IUFRO (forest vegetation mainly)

One of the best search engines in this field:

GCTE conferences and workshops in 2001:
10-13 July, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Challenges of a Changing Earth. A Global Change Open Science Conference.

19-21 July, Tune, Denmark
GCTE Focus 3 "Agroecology and Production Systems" "Production
Systems" Open Planning Workshop. Contact: John Ingram,

10-12 August, Las Cruces, New Mexico
The Role of Biodiversity in Ecosystem Functioning: What Can be Learnt
from Community Reduction Studies.
Contacts: Sandra Diaz, Email: and Laura Huenneke,

September 2001, Jena, Germany
Manipulating insect herbivory in biodiversity-ecosystem function
experiments. Contact: Valarie Brown, E-mail:

Autumn 2001, The Netherlands
Linking Models to Observations. The workshop will focus on linking mathematical and simulation models with experimentation and empirical observations.
Contact: Peter de Ruiter, E-mail:

12-15 Glaciar National Park, Montana, USA
Gloval Change and fire effects at landscape scales. Sponsored by
US Forest Service. Contact: Bob Keane, Email:

19-22 September, Barcelona, Spain
Global analysis of base rates and impacts of biotic invasions. Contacts:
Montserrat Vila, Email:, Mark Lonsdale, Email:

6-8 October, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
The 2001 Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global
Environmental Change Research Community.
Enquiries can be addressed to or for more information please visit

12-16 November, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Global Change and fire effects at landscape scales. Sponsored by NCEAS.
Contact: Mike Flannigan, Email: and Sandra Lavorel,

TBA, Nairobi, Kenya
Land use change and crop-associated biodiverisity. Emphasis will be placed on
grassland/cereal-based systems in Europe and Africa. Contact: Valerie Brown,

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