The Slode package contains commands to find formal solutions of linear ordinary differential equations (l.o.d.e.) and determine points for some special series solutions (hypergeometric, rational, polynomial, and sparse series). Here is the latest version of Slode, which contains a new procedure Liouvillian_series_sol to find formal power series solutions with Liouvillian coefficients for a l.o.d.e. This version of Slode has been tested in the Maple 14 version. The procedure Liouvillian_series_sol was implemented by D.E.Khmelnov.

slode.rar - the archive with two files: Slode.mla is a Maple library; maple.hdb is a Maple help database. Put these files to some directory, for example to ”/usr/userlib”. Assign libname := ”/usr/userlib”, libname in the Maple session. Then use this version of Slode and a description of Liouvillian_series_sol by ?Liouvillian_series_sol

slode-liouvillian_series_sol_help.pdf - the PDF version of the Maple session file help page and examples of using Liouvillian_series_sol.

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