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Visualization of large databases. Prototype WEB Application Server RGDB

(C) 2000-2007, A.Lotov, R.Efremov, A.Kistanov, and A.Zaitsev

WEB-based Simple Graphic Tool That Helps to Select Extraordinary Items from Large Lists

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Here, you can find the prototype version of WEB application servers that can support easy selection of extraordinary items (say, reasonable decision alternatives, preferable goods and services, suspicious data) from large lists by using simple graphic interface. Say, one can use it in the framework of searching for preferable purchases, efficient investment strategies, suspicious money interactions, unusual experimental data, etc. The application server RGDB is based on the implementation of the REASONABLE GOALS METHOD / INTERACTIVE DECISION MAPS technique in WEB by using Java applets.

The idea of the RGDB server is very simple. You submit the list (database) of items. The list must contain information on attribute improvement directions. Then, the server envelopes the items of the database and transmits the envelope and Java applet that helps to explore the frontier (Pareto frontier) of the envelope. After studying the envelope, you express your preference by specifying the preferable point (goal) at the Pareto frontier of the envelope. The server selects several items that correspond to your preference and transmits them to you.

Now, we have prepared five different versions of the applet that helps you to explore the frontier of the envelope. After several steps of interaction you'll be asked to select the applet by hitting the related button.

These applets are
Some people say that the applet with the structured procedure is the simplest one. Is it so? Our experience proves that the answer depends on personal psychological features of user. Thus, try both and see what applet is better for you personally.

To use the prototype application server, you need MS Internet Explorer, v. 4.0 or higher, and Java 1.3.

You may want to download the Manual for the applet for negotiation support
(zipped 180K file

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