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Theory and applications of the RGM are described in the book by

Alexander V. Lotov, Vladimir A. Bushenkov, and Georgy K. Kamenev


Approximation and Visualization of Pareto Frontier

published by

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston

Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-7631-2

February 2004, 336 pp.

Book Series: APPLIED OPTIMIZATION : Volume 89

The idea of the Reasonable Goals Method was introduced in Russian in

Gusev, D., and Lotov, A. (1994) Methods for Decision Support in Finite Choice Problems. In: Operations Research: Models, Systems, Decisions, edited by Ju.Ivanilov, pp. 15-43. Moscow: Computing Center of RAS, (in Russian).

and in English in

Lotov, A.V., Bushenkov, V.A., Chernov, A.V., Gusev, D.V., and Kamenev, G.K. (1997c). INTERNET, GIS, and Interactive Decision Maps, J. of Geographical Information and Decision Analysis, v.1, No 2

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