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Short historical information

The Computer Systems' Department and the Software Maintenance Department were united thus the Computer Systems' and Nets' Department was formed. The Computer Systems' Department (CSD) (chief - Mikhailov Guri Mikhailovitch) and the Software Maintenance Department (SMD)(chief - Kopytov Mickail Anatolievich) were the biggest departments of the Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Scienses (CCRAS). The staff of the departments (100-120 specialists) ensured: CSD and SMD served the multiaccess systems for a lot of institutes of Academy of Sciences and other organizations. In 1986, for example, there were 427 specialists of the CCRAS, 612 users from 42 institutes of the RAS, 71- from 8 universities and 112 - from 29 other organizations among the CCRAS users.

CCRAS is an organization where the first samples of native computers had been installed. The specialists of the CSD and SMD co-operated especially fruitfully with implementators of the computing systems from the Institute of radix mechanics and computing machinery named after S.A. Lebedev (IRMCM) for which CCRAS was like a testing ground. Specialists from the CSD and SMD took part in a series of implementation hardware and its software.

Since 1993 a fundamental updating of the computational base has been conducted in CCRAS:

The use of advanced computer systems, licensed software, new modern resources and methods of software supporting makes it possible to fulfil the above-mentioned functions with less number of specialists.
The development of ICS CCRAN is realized by CSD, SMD and other parts of CCRAS, Sector of Information and Computer Systems Disign specifically (chief of the sector M.Kulagin).
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RFFR grants

During 1994-96 three major designs for RFFR grants were done and are being performed now.
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Main specialists

The main specialists of the departments are: G.Mikhailov, Y.Privezentcev, M.Kopytov, Y.Rogov, S.Sorokin. The main specialists of the Sector of Information and Computer Systems Disign are: M.Kulagin, I.Baikova, A.Metiolkin, P.Plechov .
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