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Satellite package

The Satellite package contains Maple procedures to determine satellite unknowns in linear differential systems. These procedures implement partial algorithms, so they cannot be applied to all differential systems and thus they solve the problem in some cases. In other cases they do not give any answer (nor positive, nor negative).

We consider a differential system S of the form

y'=Ay or Ary(r)+Ar-1y(r-1)+ … +A1y'+A0y=0

where A, A_0, …, A_r are n x n matrices over K=Q(x), y=(y1,…,yn)T is a vector of unknowns. We assume that some unknowns (entries of the vector y) are selected. Denote the set of selected unknowns by s.

Definition. The unselected unknown yj is called satellite unknown for the set of selected unknowns s in S if minimal subfield of a Picard–Vessio field over K for S, that contains all selected components of all solutions to S, also contains the yj component of any solution.

The Satellite package exports two procedures:

  • Testing;
  • Determination.

Satellite:-Testing procedure

Calling Sequence

Testing(A, s, v)


  • A — square matrix of the normal differential system y'=Ay
  • s — set of positive integers — indices of selected unknowns
  • v — positive integer - index of the testing unknown


Testing procedure determines whether the unknown of index v (yv) of differential system y'=Ay is a satellite for the set of selected unknowns s.

Testing is an implementation of partial algorithm and so it returns “true” if it is able to determine that yv is a satellite; otherwise it returns “FAIL”. It also returns “FAIL” in a case when yv is a satellite for s but the partial algorithm cannot determine this. Testing procedure cannot determine if y<sub>v/<sub> is not a satellite.

Satellite:-Determination procedure

Calling Sequence

Determination(M, s)


  • M — square matrix of the normal differential system y'=Ay or a list of high-order differential system matrices
  • s — set of positive integers — indices of selected unknowns


Determination procedure is based on Testing procedure and intended to determine the set of satellite unknowns for a given system and a fixed set of selected unknowns.

It builds a partition of the set of unselected unknown indices that contains three parts:

  1. indices of unselected unknowns that are satellite for selected unknowns s;
  2. indices of unselected unknowns for which Testing algorithm cannot determine if they are satellite;
  3. indices of unselected unknowns that are not satellite for sure.


sat.mpl — the Maple code of the package

sat_sample.pdf — the pdf copy of Maple session with examples

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