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Applied Optimization Problems Department


Head: Dr.Sc. Vitaliy G. Zhadan

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The Applied Optimization Problems Department,
Computing Center of Russian Academy of Science, 
Vavilova St., 40,  
Moscow, GSP-1,  
117967 Russia
Phone: (7-095) 135-2539
Fax:  (7-095) 135-6159
About our Department
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   The Department was set up in 1980. It was first headed by Prof. Yu.G.Evtushenko. At present the head of the Department is Dr.Sc. V.G.Zhadan.

   The basic objective of the Department is the development of algorithmic, software and program support of optimization problems and decision making.    The staff of the Department are specialists in computing mathematics, extreme-value problem theory, system programming, integrated data bases, multicomputer systems, intelligent systems for decision making in multicriterial cases.

Our people:
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V.G. Zhadan Dr.Sc. head of department
A.Ph. Albu  Ph.D. researcher
A.S. Antipin Dr.Sc. leading researcher
A.Ya. Belyankov  Ph.D. senior researcher
A.I. Golikov  Ph.D. senior researcher
E.N. Gordeev Dr.Sc. senior researcher
V.U. Malkova  programmer
P.I. Shkljar  Ph.D. researcher
A.-J.A. Stanevichius Ph.D. senior researcher
E.E. Zasuhina  junior researcher
Directions of activity
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   The Department makes theoretical studies, develops intelligent packages, interactive systems and problem-oriented programming complexes intended to solve applied optimization problems. 

   The researches have obtained new theoretical results and proposed effective numerical methods in the field of linear algebra, unconditional minimization, linear and non-linear programming, global, discrete and multicriterial optimization.

 Main results:
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