Chief of the department - Prof. V.SEREBRIAKOV

Research Domains

  1. Programming languages.
    Application languages design.
    Prof. V. Serebriakov( )
  2. Compilation theory.
    Attribute grammars and their use for compiler design.
    Prof. V. Serebriakov( )
    PhD. V. Kurochkin
  3. Parallel algorithms parallelization techniques.
    Prof. V. Serebriakov( )
    PhD. A. Birukov( )
    MSci A. Bezdoushny( )
  4. Database management systems design.
    Object-oriented data base management systems.
    Prof. V. Serebriakov( )
    PhD. V. Filippov( )
    MSci V. Meliokhin( )
  5. Computer algebra (symbolic and algebraic computation).
    Fast algorithms to solve important computer algebra problems:
    summation of functions, solving algebraic differential and
    difference equations in the symbolic form.
    Prof. S. Abramov( ;; S.Abramov's homepage)