TC 16
(About TC16)


"Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis"


Chairman of TC16 – professor Yuri Zhuravlev, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, e-mail:

Vice-Chairmen of TC16:

The TC16 was proposed by the Russian Federation "Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis" and created in 1996 (at the meeting of the IAPR Governing Board in Vienna, 13th ICPR).

The main goals of TC 16 are discussion of actual and prospective lines of research and exchange of the results in Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Problems and Techniques inspired by Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. The means which TC 16 uses to achieve the goals are more or less standard for IAPR TCs: the organization of workshops and conferences, the preparation of publications (survey articles, tutorials, etc.), the design of databases including information on scientists and specialists in the field, bibliographical databases, benchmarking data, support of communication between members, exchange by results and others.

We consider also very important to give the Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical community involved in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis an opportunity to know each other better and to meet each other.

The main lines of scientific interests of TC 16 are:
   a)    image algebras, image superalgebras, graded image algebras;
   b)    image mining;
   c)    image models of non-statistical nature;
   d)    algebraic models of pattern recognition and image analysis algorithms;
   e)   pattern recognition algorithms based on algebras and discrete mathematics;
   f)    image metrics;
   g)    image equivalence;
   h)    algebraic approach to the knowledge representation and processing in pattern recognition and image analysis problems;
   i)    algebraic and logical techniques application in image databases and knowledge bases.

The last correction: June 30, 2010.