More than 40 printed works, mainly in Russian.

The main papers in English are:

1.Evtushenko, Y., Potapov, M. (1984), Space Covering Technique for Multicriterion Optimization , Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 59, 201-202.

2.Evtushenko, Y., Potapov, M. (1985), A Nondifferentiable Approach to Multicriteria Optimization , Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 255, 97-102.

3.Evtushenko, Yu. and Potapov, M. (1987), Methods of numerical solutions of multicriterion problems, Soviet Mathematical Doklady 34, 420-423.

4.Yu.G. Evtushenko, M.A. Potapov, V.V. Korotkich. (1992) Numerical Methods for Global Optimization. Recent Advances in Global Optimization, Princeton University Press, 274-297.

5.Yu.G.Evtushenko, M.A.Potapov (1994), Deterministic Global Optimization, Algorithms for continuous Optimization. The State of Art, Ed. E.Spedicato, Kluwer Academic Publishers,481-500.

6.Michael A. Potapov, Pavel N. Kabanov. (1995), SOLVEX - System for Solving
Nonlinear, Global and Multicriteria Problems,
Proceedings 3rd IFIP WG-7.6 Working Conference on
Optimization-Based Computer-Aided Modelling and Design,
Prague, Czech Republic, May 24-26, 1994, pp. 343-347.