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Dr Vladimir Titarev

Leading Researcher
Department of Mechanics
Sector of kinetic theory of gases
Email: titarev (at) ccas.ru, titarev (at) mail.ru
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       Dr Vladimir Titarev graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in 2000. He obtained PhD from BMSTU in 2003 (topic of the thesis computational rarefied gas dynamics) and from University of Trento, Italy in 2005 under supervision of Professor E. F. Toro (topic of the thesis arbitrary high order Godunov-type methods). The latter thesis was selected in 2007 as one of three best Italian Ph.D. theses in applied mathematics (INDAM-SIMAI award). From October 2005 till January 2007 he moved to the Fluid Mechanics and Computational Science group in the School of Engineering, at Cranfield University, where he worked as Research fellow and further Research fellow/Lecturer until March 2011. In March 2011 Dr Titarev joined Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences as a Leading Researcher.

       Dr Titarev is a specialist in the field of computational fluid dynamics and associated numerical analysis. His research track record and interests include the Boltzmann equation with model collision integrals, hyperbolic conservation laws and numerical methods, very high-order essentially non-oscillatory methods in particular, for partial differential equations with applications in gas dynamics, rarefied flows, reactive multiphase flows as well as non-linear elasticity. In addition to this research experience, Dr Titarev have also been involved in industrial projects with a number of companies, including QINETIC UK, EURATOM/UKAEA Fusion Association, Eaton Aerospace UK, and Lockheed Martin UK, as well as in a European project Generation of Advanced Helicopter Experimental Aerodynamic Database for CFD code validation (GoAHEAD).

       The developed methods for rarefied gas flows and compressible aerodynamics have been implemented into the computer modelling package Nesvetay

Scientific collaboration

       Research work and collaborations include with Professor E. M. Shakhov (BMSTU, Russia), Professors E. F. Toro and M. Dumbser (Trento, Italy), Professor V. F. Kopiev (TsAGI, Russia), Professor S. V. Utyuzhnikov (Manchester, UK & MIPT, Russia), Professor F. Sharipov (Brazil), Dr S. Karabasov (Cambridge, UK), Drs E. Shapiro and B. Thornber (Cranfield, UK) and Professor E. Romenskiy (Novosibirsk,Russia).

Deputy head at "Laboratory for mathematical modeling of nonlinear processes in gas media" of MIPT. Head of laboratory - Sergei Utyuzhnikov, PhD, DSc, FIMA, Professor of Computational Mathematics. Main goal of the laboratory is to develop a computational package for mathematical modeling of problems of high-altitude hypersonic aerodynamics of future space vehicles in the complete range of Reynolds and Knudsen numbers.

Joint research with Acoustic Division of TsaGI aimed at creating an in-house computational package to solve problems of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Head of TsAGI Acoustics Division is Prof. Kopiev Victor Feliksovich. The software packaged is based on the use of explicit and implicit TVD methods on arbitrary rotating meshes. To model the realistic rotor configurations the parallel version of the code uses MPI. Simulations can be run on the spatial meshes with up to 40 million cells. The current work is focused on the extending the technology to model open rotor configurations.

Publications and conference particiation

       Complete list of publications can be found here

       Russian scientific index, Scopus, Researcher ID, Google Scholar, ORCID: 0000-0002-7106-0049

       Some recent publications:

  1. V.A. Titarev. Numerical modeling of high-speed rarefied gas flows over blunt bodies using model kinetic equations // European Journal of Mechanics / B Fluids. 2017. V. 64. pp. 112-117.
  2. D. Valougeorgis, N. Vasileiadis, V.Titarev. Validity range of linear kinetic modeling in rarefied pressure driven single gas flows through circular capillaries // European Journal of Mechanics / B Fluids. 2017. V. 64. pp. 2-7.
  3. Belyaev I.V., Kopiev V.F., Pankratov I.V, Skvortsov R.A., Titarev V.A., Zaytsev M.Y. Comparison of rotor noise measurement results in largescale and small-scale anechoic facilities // 2016. 21st AIAA/CEAS aeroacoustics conference. Dallas, TX, 22-26 2015
  4. V. Titarev, M. Dumbser and S. Utyuzhnikov. Construction and comparison of parallel implicit kinetic solvers in three spatial dimensions // J. Comp. Phys. 2014. V. 256. p. 17-33.
  5. V.A. Titarev and E.M. Shakhov. Poiseuille flow and thermal creep in a capillary tube on the basis of the kinetic R-model // Fluid Dynamics. 2012. V. 47. N 5. P. 661672
  6. V.A. Titarev. Efficient deterministic modelling of three-dimensional rarefied gas flows // Communications in Computational Physics. 2012. V. 12. N 1. pp. 162-192.

       Invited speaker at the following conferences & workshops:

Other activities:

       Co-supervised two Ph.D. students: P. Tsoutsanis, 2009, thesis title Very high-order methods for 3D arbitrary unstructured grids; S. Tissera, 2010, thesis title Assessment of High-Resolution Methods in Hypersonic Real-Gas Flows.

       Reviewer at Journal of Computational Physics, Communications in Computational Physics, Computers & Fluids, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Numerical Algorithms, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer, Advances in Water Resources, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

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