EDUCATION I was first introduced to physics by my father who is also a physicist (he works in the theory of physical adsorption). I entered the Physics Department of Moscow State University in 1989 and learned at the N.N. Bogolubov Quantum Statistics & Field Theory Chair. Diploma in Theoretical Physics (1985).
I did my post-graduate research at the same Chair. Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (1988), my dissertation was concerned with analytical and numerical studies of phase transition in model systems.

After the University, I worked at the Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Science. The areas of study included statistical mechanics of lattice spin models, specifically the ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic and spin glass Potts model, q-coloring problem and a frustrated spin model related to phase separation in HTSC. Experience with the renormalization group techniques, Monte Carlo simulations and series expansions.
Experience with tight-binding electronic structure computations, including the recursion method of R. Haydock which is particularly well suited for calculations of amorphous materials, surfaces and defects.
GRANTS Russian Foundation for Fundamental Studies: 1992 thru 1997
International Science Foundation: 1993 thru 1994
State Grant for outstanding Russian young scientists: 1993 thru 1996
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