Дэмбэрэл С., Оленев Н.Н., Поспелов И.Г.
III российско-монгольская конференция по астрономии и геофизике. Абстракты. Иркутск: Институт земной коры СО РАН. 29 октября - 2 ноября 2002. C.11.

This paper presents new results of mathematical modeling of economy and environment interaction that continues paper [1]. A model of mutual interaction of livestock farming --- one in a two main agricultural branches --- and natural pastures that are the essential part of livestock farming forage reserve is proposed. Macrodescription of livestock farming such as: total and vintage number of livestock, number of young animals, livestock outputs and production inputs, demand for credit, and profit --- follows from the initial microdescription of rational managing of vintage livestock. This description forms a block "Economy" of the model of mutual interaction of livestock farming and natural pastures --- natural vegetable coenoses.

[1] N. N. Olenev , A. A. Petrov , I. G. Pospelov A Model of Ecological Consequences of Economic Growth // Moscow: Mathematical Modelling , 1998, V.10, No. 8. P.17-32. (In Russian)

The work is in part supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research (Grant 01-01-00114) and the Program of State Support of Leading Scientific Schools (Grant 00-15-96118).