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MIKE11 and Interactive Decision Maps: joint application in DSS for Water Quality Planning

Paper at the 3d DHI Software Conference, Danish Hydraulic Institute, Helsingor, Denmark, June 7-9, 1999

A.Lotov, L.Bourmistrova, V.Bushenkov, R.Efremov, A.Buber, N.Brainin, A.Maksimov,

A new approach to development of decision and negotiation support systems is described and applied in the DSS for water quality planning in large river basins. The approach is based on joint application of the well known system for modeling rivers and channels MIKE11 and of the new graphic tool for the search for smart strategies named Interactive Decision Maps/Feasible Goals method. (IDM/FGM). In addition to usual application of MIKE11 for simulation of given strategies, it is applied in the DSS as a data preparation tool for the IDM/FGM technique, which helps to select efficient strategies for further simulation. By this, new application field for MIKE11 is created. Moreover, combination of MIKE11 and IDM/FGM provides new dimensions in the search for smart water quality strategies.

The DSS based on combination of MIKE11 and IDM/FGM was calibrated on the basis of the hydrodynamic and advection-dispersion models of the Oka River and is used now in the framework of Russian federal programme Revival of the Volga River.

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