A.V.Lotov, V.A.Bushenkov, A.V.Chernov, D.V.Gusev, and G.K.Kamenev

Published on Internet in the Journal of Geographical Information and Decision Analysis, v.1, N 2

Abstract. A new approach to negotiation and decision support in computer networks is described. Information on a decision situation is displayed in a simple graphic form by the Interactive Decision Maps (IDM) technique which provides fast display of a myriad of virtual decision maps generated by request. Negotiators or decision makers receive information on feasible combinations of three to seven performance indicators (choice criteria) and on tradeoffs among them. In a decision process, this information helps to indicate a preferable feasible goal in a decision map by a simple mouse click. Then, a strategy resulting in the feasible goal is computed immediately FEASIBLE GOALS method. It can be displayed by GIS, virtual reality and other feasible multimedia tools. In negotiation procedures, the IDM technique is nothing more than a navigation on decision maps. The IDM-based negotiation support procedures accomplish the main idea of Principled Negotiations developed at Harvard University: strategies are computed after a balanced combination of interests has been negotiated.

Since the interaction among user and computer in the IDM technique is very simple, it can be easily implemented via computer networks. Here, we restrict ourselves to open networks (actually, INTERNET). Being implemented in INTERNET, the IDM technique may help any computer-literate person to develop independent strategies solving various important problems. An INTERNET demo providing an opportunity to develop a strategy for a regional environmentally sound economic problem was established in Web pages (see experimental Internet resource). Concept of IDM-based negotiations via INTERNET devoted to collaborative decision making on local and regional problems (like locally undesirable land use) is outlined.

Keywords: computer networks/ decision and negotiation support/ interactive decision maps/ tradeoffs/ feasible goals/ reasonable goals/ independent strategies/ principled negotiations

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