Bushenkov V.A., Chernykh O.L., Gusev D.V., Kamenev G.K., and Lotov A.V.

Published in: Reports of Russian Academy of Sciences, 1994, 335(5) (in Russian).

Abstract The choice from a finite number of variants given by several attributes is considered. Method for visualization of the Pareto set is proposed. Usually, visualization of Pareto set is applied in the case of a small number of variants or in the case of two attributes. The paper consideres the case of large sets of variants given by points which represent variants in attribute space. The method is based on construction of two approximations of the Pareto set in attribute space: of the Pareto Hull of the Pareto set and of the convex hull of the Pareto hull. Visualization is based on the display of the two dimensional slices of both sets. The convex Pareto Hull is displayed by the Interactive Decision Maps technique. Visualization helps to select a small number of variants ( REASONABLE GOALS method).