Decision and Negotiation Support for Transboundary Air Pollution Control between Finland, Russia and Estonia

V. Bushenkov*, V. Kaitala**, A. Lotov*, and M. Pohjola***

* Russian Academy of Sciences, Computing Center, Russia
** Systems Analysis Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
*** Helsinki School of Economics, Finland

Published in: Finnish Economic Papers, (1994), 7(1).


Instrumental software for negotiation and decision support for transboundary air pollution abatement is presented. Using this system, decision-maker can interact with a model consisting of regional sulphur abatement cost functions and of a submodel describing the transportation of sulphur between Finland, Russia and Estonia.
The PC program visualizes the Pareto-optimal set of policy criteria which may include sulphur deposition rates and abatement costs in several or all of the countries. Visualization is based on the application of the Interactive Decision Maps. The program also computes and displays the optimal abatement policy corresponding to the Pareto-optimal point specified by decision-maker using the FEASIBLE GOALS method.