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Birth Date: April 12, 1946 Birth Place: Moscow, USSR Citizenship: Russian


Dr.Hab. (Full Professor) in Systems Analysis, Computing Center of the Academy of Sciences (CCAS), 1986
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, CCAS, 1973
Diploma in Dynamic Systems Control, Moscow Institute (University) for Physics and Technology, 1969

Professional Experience

2008 - till now Chief Researcher, Head of Department, CCAS
2006 - 2008 Head of Department, CCAS
2005-2006 Full Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
2003 - 2005 Full Professor, State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
2000-2001 Visiting Professor, University of Siegen, Germany
1990 - 2003 Head of Department, CCAS
1988 - 90 Leading Research Fellow, CCAS
1981 Researcher, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria
1979 - 87 Senior Research Fellow, CCAS
1972 - 78 Junior Research Fellow, CCAS

Part time positions

2003 - 2006 Leading Researcher, CCAS
1995 - present Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University
1976 - 91 Associate Professor, Moscow Institute (University) for Physics and Technology
1973 - 76 Assistant Professor, Moscow Institute (University) for Physics and Technology

I've supervised 10 Ph.D. thesis (6 as the official superviser, 4 as the scientific consultant)

Fields of Research

multiple-criteria optimization, decision support in environmental problems and in CAD, human/computer interaction, graphic decision support and data analysis in computer networks, public decision support via Internet, approximation and perturbations of multiple dimensional sets, dynamic systems.

Invited lectures and seminars

I've lectured extensively in the USA and in Europe, including

Harvard University (invited by Prof. H.Raiffa),
Yale University (invited by the Dean J.L.Cohon),
Cornell University (invited by Prof. D.P.Loucks),
California Institute of Technology (invited by Prof. P.C.Ordeshook),
Los Alamos National Laboratory (invited by Dr. S.-Y.Chen),
Georgia Institute of Technology (invited by Prof. A.Goergakakos),
Texas A&M University (invited by Prof. D.Olson),
University of Georgia (invited by Prof. R.Steuer),
State University of New York at Buffalo (invited by Prof. S.Zionts),
University of Colorado (invited by Prof. C.Howe),
University of Washington (invited by Prof. T.Nyerges and Prof. T.Leschine),
University of South Carolina (invited by Prof. R.deVore and Prof. R.Sharpley),
University of Idaho (invited by Prof. P.Jankowski and Prof. P.Goodwin),
University of Waterloo, Canada (invited by Prof. K.Hipel),
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (invited by Prof. G Kersten)
Ruhr-Universitaet, Bochum, Germany (invited by Prof.A.Schumann)
University of Muenster, Germany (invited by Prof. W.Kuhn)
RTWH Aachen, Germany (invited by Prof. J.Koengeter),
GMD, St.Augustin, Germany (invited by Dr.H.Voss),
IHE Delft, the Netherlands (invited by Prof. M.Abbott),
TU Delft, the Netherlands (invited by Prof. R.Cooke),
Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur, Wien, Austria (invited by Prof. P.Nachtnebel),
Helsinki School of Economics, Finland (invited by Prof. P.Korhonen and Prof. J.Wallenius),
New University of Lisbon, Portugal (invited by Prof. A.Camara),
Abo University, Turku, Finland (invited by Prof. C.Carlsson),
Ministry of National Infrastructures, Israel (invited by Vice-Minister E.Ronen),
and in many others places.

I've presented courses of lectures at the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA (invited by Prof. J.L.Cohon), at Politecnico di Milano (invited by Prof. R.Soncini-Sessa), at the Information and Decision Sciences Institute, University of Siegen, Germany (invited by Prof. M.Grauer) and at the University Rey Juan-Carlos, Madrid, Spain (invited by Prof. D.Rios Insua)


I am a member of the Council and of the Governing Body of the Russian Operation Research Society.

I'm a member of the Editorial board of international journal " Information Technology and Decision Making ".

My textbook "Introduction into Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems" was rewarded by the Silver Medal at the USSR Exhibition of National Achievements in 1989.

In 1997, I received the Governmental Award " Medal in Commemoration of 850 Years of Moscow City".

In 2000, I was bestowed with the Edgeworth-Pareto Award of the International Society for Multiple Criteria Decision Making.


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Several Recent Papers in English

Soloveichik, D., Ben-Aderet, N., Grinman, M., and Lotov, A. Multi-objective optimization and marginal abatement cost in the electricity sector an Israeli case study. // European Journal on Operational Research, 140(3), 571-583, 2002.

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