Design of a Flowing Heavy Metal Target with a Free Surface for an Accelerator Driven Neutron Source
V.I.Belyakov-Bodin*, V.N.Koterov, V.M.Krivtsov and A.P.Potapov*
*Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia

The design of the flowing heavy metal target with free surface under proton beam irradiation within 0.8-1.6 GeV energy and the 10- 320 mA current range was analyzed. Following data was submitted

Some experiment with water medium

See also papers
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[3] V.I.Belyakov-Bodin, V.N.Koterov, V.M.Krivtsov, A.P.Potapov. Design of a flowing heavy metal target with a free surface for an accelerator driven reactor system. Proceedings of ICON 5 (5th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering) May 26-30, 1997, Nice, France.

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