Sergei Gurievs' Internet Club

Sergei Gurievs of the Internet, Unite!

The Sergei Gurievs' Internet Club Charter

  1. Sergei Gurievs' Internet Club (herreinafter the Club) unites Sergei Gurievs of the world.
  2. To join the Club a potential member only has to bear the proud name of Sergei Guriev (herreinafter the Proud Name) and accept this Charter. Sergeys, Serges etc. as well as Guryevs are also admitted. There is no race, age, sex or any other discrimination.
  3. The Club is to promote cooperation between Sergei Gurievs in their attempts to protect and develop the unique identity of the few humans bearing the Proud Name.
  4. The Club is not to declare superiority of Sergei Gurievs over the rest of mankind. The Club recognizes equal rights of all humans even not bearing the Proud Name.
  5. Member do not pay any membership fee. There are no membership duties or obligations.

Club membership

At the moment the Club has two members and a candidate (in alphabetical order)

  1. Sergei Guriev, Moscow, Co-Founder
  2. Sergey Guriev, Vladivostok, Co-Founder
  3. Sergey Guriev, St.Petersberg, pankoved I tusovshik

Also, there is an emeritus member known to everyone by Ingres' portrait currently on display in Hermitage, St.Petersberg. Blue-blooded Count Guriev's explains nobility of Sergei Gurievs' Internet Club members.

How to apply

Our Club is quite satisfied with its size. However new members are welcome. To apply for membership mail one of the Co-Founders above.