Sergei Guriev's homepage


Personal Information

Name: 		Sergei M. Guriev 

Date of birth: 	October 21, 1971 

Sex: 		Male 

Family status: 	Single 

Home address: 	Pervaya Dubrovskaya, 1, 1, 93 
		Moscow 109044 Russia

Home phone: 	(7-095) 274-8074 





1988-93		Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, (6 year course) 
		Department of Management and Applied Mathematics, 
GPA:		5.0 
Degree: 	Master of Science with Honors 
Major:		Economics and Computer Science 

1992-93 	MIPT Management School (2 year course) 
GPA: 		5.0 
Major: 		Financial Systems 

1993-94 	Russian Academy of Science, Postgraduate Studies 
Degree: 	Ph.D. (Candidate of Science, Physics and Math) 
Thesis: 	Some Mathematical Models of Saving and Investment 


Current Position and Job Experience

 1993 - 	Senior Research Fellow (since 1997), 
		Department of Mathematical Modelling of Economic Systems, 
		Computing Center of Russian Academy of Science
		research in the field of macro- and microeconomics,
		member of research team building models of national 
		economy and Sverdlovsk regional economy for government 
		and Central Bank, research advising to masters' and 
		postgraduate students of Moscow State University and 
		Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 

1998 -		Economics, Russian-European Center for Economic Policy, 
 		economic policy research 

1997-98 	Visiting Scholar, 
		Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 			research in economic theory

1997 -		Assistant Professor, New Economic School, 
 		teaching macro- and microeconomics

1994 - 		Lecturer in Economics, Associate Professor (since 1996), 
		Chair of the Department of Economics (since 1997) 
		International College, Moscow State University 
		teaching economics in English, managing economics major 
		within U.S. recognized B.A. in Economics degree delivered 
		in the International College;
		teaching economics to American students online

1995-97 	Researcher and Programme Manager for Russia, 
		TACIS Action for Cooperation in Economics, Project 
		T94-1072-R "The impact of differing labor standards on the 
		international trade in the New Independent States and European 

1993-95 	Lecturer and Module Leader, Management Information Systems, 
		M.B.A. program, Russian-British Business School, 
		Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 

Teaching Experience

Lecture courses for graduate and postgraduate students:

"Managing Information" (40 hours, in English),
M.B.A. program, Russian British Business School

"Managing Resources and Systems" (40 hours, in English),
M.B.A. program, Russian British Business School

"Theory of Games and Economic Equilibria" (30 hours, in Russian),
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Lecture courses for undergraduate students:

"Principles of Economics: Microeconomics" (3 semester-hours, in English),
University of Colorado at Denver

"Principles of Economics: Microeconomics" (60 hours, in English),
B.A. program, International College, Moscow State University and

"Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics" (60 hours, in English),
B.A. program, International College, Moscow State University

"Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory" (60 hours, in English),
B.A. program, International College, Moscow State University

"Russian Economy in Transition" (20 hours, in English),
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University

Teaching assistantship for graduate students:

"Advanced Microeconomics" ,
New Economic School

"Advanced Macroeconomics" ,
New Economic School


Publications and conferences

8 research papers published in leading Russian journals, 7 papers in conference volumes and 5 unpublished papers; participation in 10 international conferences and workshops, including chairing sessions in 3 of them. See list of publications with abstracts and full papers.


Awards and grants

1997-98		Scholarship, Regional Scholar Exchange Program, 
		US Information Agency and International Research Exchange Bureau

1996-99		Honorary Research Fellowship, 
		Wolverhampton Business School, UK 

1997-98		Research Grant "Russia's Social Sciences: The New Perspective",
1995-96		Russian Science Foundation and Ford Foundation 

 1995 		Prize for Best Research Work of a Young Researcher, 
		Research Competition Devoted to the 40th Anniversary of 
		the Computing Center, Russian Academy of Science 

 1994-95 	Research Grant "Young Economists of Russia", 
		IRIS Research Center, University of Maryland and CEMI, Moscow 

 1992-93	Academician Lavrentiev's Scholarship of Distinction, 
		Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 

 1988 		Medal of Distinction at high school graduation, 
		Kiev Physics and Mathematics School No.145 



Fluent English, good Ukrainian, fair German.