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How to get to hotel Universitetskaya and Computing Center RAS

From airport Sheremetyevo-2 (SVO)

General recommendations: train is most reliable transportation, especially for departure. The timetable of express train and shuttle bus is available at arrivals. The main road from Sheremetyevo to Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, is prone to serious traffic jams. In the morning the direction to Moscow is jammed, in the evening the opposite direction, but you can encounter traffic jam at any moment. Thus you can ride to metro station "Rechnoy vokzal" couple of hours instead of 15 minutes.

From airport Domodedovo

The best way is to use express train directly from Domodedovo to metro station Paveletskaya.

Moscow metro

Hotel Unversitetskaya and Computing Center RAS, location and transportation

Hotel Universitetskaya is situated near Moscow State University. It takes about four stops by trolleybus 34 from Metro station Universitet to get there.
Trolleybus stop is just near the wall of the MSU campus.

In order to get to Computing Center RAS from hotel Universitetskaya and back you can just walk. It takes about 45 minutes. The path mostly goes through parks and is quite nice. It is traced on the map by a bold line. It is very  hard to get lost since neighborhood is dominated by the tower of Moscow State University.
One should just cross univeristy campus by diagonal. When weather is fine walking is better choice.

Public transportation:  trolleybus 34 between hotel Universitetskaya and Metro station Universitet (4 stops). Then trams number 14, 39  go directly to Computing Center RAS, the tram stop is called "Ulitsa Gubkina" (Gubkin street).  Trolleybus and tram lines are shown on the map by bold lines. The trip takes about 3/4 hour since trolleybus and tram are rather slow. However one can get into traffic jams as well. You can be travel card for one trip directly in the tram/trolleybus. It costs 25 roubles (it is cheaper in ticket booths).