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edited by S.A. Ivanenko, V.A. Garanzha


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Deadline for paper submission
have been extended till May 15, 2002.

Moscow, June 24-28, 2002
Computing Center Russian Academy of Sciences,

Workshop organizers:

Dr. Sergey A. Ivanenko, Computing Center RAS

Dr. Vladimir Garanzha, Computing Center RAS

Dr. Vladimir Konshin, Computing Center RAS

Special session on industrial applications and software development is organized by R&D company TESIS

Workshop topics.

Three major topics are considered:

Despite the fact that grid generation as engineering discipline is quite ripe there exists general dissatisfaction with rigorous foundations of grid generation algorithms. With onset of numerical simulations on moving adaptive grids, with simultaneous numerical simulation and large-scale optimization, with widespread use of topological optimization methods the requirements to computational grids changed drastically. The problems which just recently were quite theoretical such as the grid stability with respect to input data, nonuniqueness and Lavrentiev phenomenon in grid generation, grid nondegeneracy in the limiting cases, definition of grid smoothness, regularity and adaptivity, precise control of local mappings became issue of concern for engineers and numerical analysts and one of the major bottlenecks in high fidelity simulations.

So one of questions of interest is: how the ideas, methods and tools in such theoretical fields as can be applied to grid generation?

Another topic of workshop includes algorithms and methods related to grid generation proper, such as
And the last but not the least topic covers new trends in industrial applications and analysis of requirements for grid generation methods. The purpose of special session on industrial applications is to organize a forum for exchanging information, ideas and experience for numerical analysts, software developers and engineers involved in numerical simulations of fluid and gas flows, structural mechanics, CAD/CAE developments and other activities in aerospace, automotive, ship-building, energy and metallurgical industry.

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Authors are invited to communicate their participation by e-mail to

garan at Dr. Vladimir Garanzha, Computing Center Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Str.40, Moscow, 119991, Russia
tel. 7 (095)1357378 fax. 7 (095)1371333 Dr. Sergey A. Ivanenko, Computing Center Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Str.40, Moscow, 119991, Russia
tel. 7 (095)1354498 fax. 7 (095)1356159

Abstracts for special session and proposals for software demonstrations should be sent to

Dr. Vladimir Konshin, Computing Center Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Str.40, Moscow, 119991, Russia
tel. 7 (095)1357378 fax. 7 (095)1371333

The message should contain the paper's title, the authors' names and affiliations, the contact person with complete address, phone, fax and email.

The authors should submit 1-2 page abstract in Russian or English containing a title, names of the authors, an official addresses and e-mail addresses before 31st of March, 2002 to workshop organizers. LATEX-formatted abstracts are preferred, however plain text or PDF formats are OK as well.

Proceedings for the workshop will be published in the series "Communications in Applied Mathematics", Computing Center, Russian Academy of Sciences. Information about Proceedings from previous grid generation event including most of papers can be found at

The contributed papers should be prepared in LATEX or Postscript formats. The total size should not exceed 12 pages. The page layout will be A4 with 115mm x 170mm text area, including page numbers.

The working languages of workshop are Russian and English.

* Important dates
* Deadline for abstract submission March 31, 2002
* Notification of acceptance April 1, 2002
* Deadline for paper submission May 1, 2002
* The Workshop June 24-28, 2002