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Origin and shaping of deposits of useful minerals can be formalise by following two axioms [1].

Axiom of accumulation. The particles of a mineral component in a fluid-dynamic condition move under the non-linear laws with an attractor.

Axiom of ordering. The identical particles at defined concentration are uniformly enclosed.

Thus, final phase of shaping of a deposit is crystallisation of identical mineral components at attractors. From this point of view the Earth in its whole we can consider as deposit.

Because of the Earth have only one global attractor (the centre of the Earth), any global geological process on the Earth is connected with the Kernel.

During shaping the Earth, the conditions of driving of particles varied. Hence, the structure of the kernel varied too. In the beginning it consisted of the heavy elements (uranium, platinum and other). When the cloud, from which the Earth was formed, has reached a defined density, processes, connected to a gravitation, were removed on the second plan. Basic process in shaping of the Earth has become a diffusion. The process of forming iron kernel [2] is the compromise between a gravitation and diffusion.

The seismic data speaks that an interior part of the kernel by a radius 1255 kilometres - rigid, anisotropy, probably, crystal of iron [3]. But here it is necessary to notice, that as soon as the particle reaches the attractor, it should there be kept. Crystal of iron for this purpose not absolutely approaching. The most approaches for this purpose is crystal of diamond, especially its hexagonal variety - lonsdaleite [4]. The last while discover only in craters of large meteorites.

Carbon takes the third place on a prevalence in Space. In a Terrestrial core it costs on a prevalence on 17-th place. Therefore almost all carbon atoms of the Earth are in a Mantel and Kernel. The melting part of the last is steel.

Iron-nickel melt, temperature (3000 degrees), pressure (3500 kilobars) - approaching conditions for origin of crystals of a lonsdalite. Its 6-th order axis is coincides with rotation axis of the Earth. Owing to a low content of carbon in the Kernel growth of crystal - skeletal, transient in dendrite (fig.). In a mantel the dendrite branches turn to usual diamond.

We shall remark now, that the Earth - automatically adjusting system and energy for this purpose undertakes from combustion of diamond. If in the Earth there are the voltages, is there sent diamond lived (at high pressure diamond has high fluctuation), the combustion of which melts sites with increased voltage. The oxygen for this purpose of process is received by passage of aluminium from surface 6-th co-ordination in 4-th [5]. The formed carbon dioxide goes out on a surface, where is caught by plants and is translated in wood, which in process decries turns to coal, graphite, shungit, fulerenes, surfaces of the Kernel reach where they are dissolved, closing thus a carbon cycle. Energy for global geological processes the Earth, thus, receives from the Sun. The carbon is the geochemical accumulator [5] too.

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