Born: 11 May 1950

Phone: +7 (095) 135-90-98; +7 (095) 939-36-81



Head of Sector of Theory of Stability and Mechanics of Controlled Systems, Department of Mechanics of the Computing Center, Russian Academy of Sciences ,

Professor of the Chair of Theoretical Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University

Degree: Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Department of Mechanics of the Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty, Moscow State University, 1983)

Research Interests: Stability of Motion, Bifurcation Theory, Dynamics of Systems with Differential constraints and systems with friction, Dynamics of Rigid Bodies, Space Dynamics.

Selected Publications: (the total number of publications is over 100)

1. "To the problem of stability of steady motions of nonholonomic systems" J.Appl.Math.Mech.(PMM), 44(1980), 3.

2. "Realization of nonholonomic constraints by viscouse friction and stability of rotation of Celtic stone" J.Appl.Math.Mech. (PMM), 45(1981), 1.

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