Software package for Reliability analysis


DIANA is designed to pursue investigation on complex systems reliability at any levels of designing and engineering service. Diana provides good facilities for solving the following problems: A component of a system represents an object which can be in two states: "operability state" and "breakdown state". Reliability work of a lower level component is characterized by settings: Both failure distribution law and repair distribution law can be specified by its distribution law: or by a sample (including censored one).
Repairable component maintenance discipline consists of the list of the components to be repaired in the particular repairing unit: There is a possibility of absolute priority assignment for a component, guarantying urgent component maintenance. Interrupted remedial action component can be put on a general queue depending on its priority or on a separate queue to resume.
The following reliability parameters can be used for optimization: DIANA allows to solve the following design probability problems: DIANA provides the following statistic to estimate reliability of the tested and operated systems: DIANA is designed by JV Dialogue and Operations Research Department's workers.