Program Package for Networks Synthesis
With Channel Switching

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This program "OPTIMIST" solves the problem of network design and the routine problem minimizing the cost or the total channels length function.

Network Model

The network to be created is intended to transfer information flows between subscribers. For every pair of subscribers a route (path through the network channels) is prescribed. The network channels can be commutated (switched) in some points (nodes of the network) to join the pair of subscribers. The number of switchings is restricted. A single route or a pair of channel-independent routes can be constructed for every pair of subscribers. We have to assign the number of channels for every channel direction. The probability of fault for single channel is restricted.
This program was designed for practical using. It allows to estimate the consequences of the disrepair and planned network modification. The program allows to vary network and to plan future modification as well as to predict consequences of general scaled information flows increase in the future.
The program is used in practical work of the government organizations. It has operated with the real information on telephone networks of the USSR and Russia. The program permits to solve the problem of recommutation of the Soviet Union and Russia telephone networks.
The program was written using 'C' and Assembler languages.

Main features:

Input data:

Output data:

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